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101 guide on how to clean a green swimming pool

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If you have a pool, and you are facing trouble in keeping it clean, or if you are wondering how to clean a green swimming pool, then don’t worry we have got you covered.

Why does Pool look green?

Before we discuss how to clean a green swimming pool, we should first find out the reason why a pool looks green from blue after some time.  In most cases, the reason why a pool looks green is an overgrowth of algae, but the causes of this overgrown algae can vary. The main reasons are:

  • Improper PH Balance: The ph level of the pool can affect the growth of algae. A low ph level erodes the materials of the pool and causes eye irritation and too high ph level helps kill bacteria and even algae but a high ph level is also responsible for skin irritation. So ph level needs to be balanced otherwise it can invite multiple issues.
  • Unclean filter: if your filter is clogged or if it is not working properly then it can create problems for you. Not only will it lead to the growth of algae more often but will invite harmful bacterias as well.
  • Weather change: Weather change can also be the reason for overgrowing algae. Algae grow in warm and humid environments so if you have experienced any such change in weather recently, then that could be the reason as well.

Methods to clean a Green Pool?

If you follow these methods properly then you would not experience the problem of green pools in the future.

  • Draining: if your pool appears dark green or blackish on the borderline then it is advised that you drain your pool completely and then acid wash the surface. This helps to keep the surface of the pool clean.
  • Lower down the ph level: Firstly test your pools’ ph level to get an idea of how much you’ll need to lower down the ph level of the pool. There are a lot of water testing tools available in the price range of $5- 50. A healthy ph level for a pool is considered 7.5 but if your water appears dark green then keep it below 7.2. 
  • Shock the pool: Another chemical treatment that can be done to treat a green swimming pool is by giving your pool a shock with the help of granular chlorine. This is a method of adding a liquid chemical to the pool to kill off all the bacteria and algae instantly.
  • Filter & Pump: Pumping and filtering can be done after following the above-mentioned steps.  If you have a sand filter or any other filter to clean a pool then make sure it is clean and free from sediments. The pump will be required to fill up the tank after doing chemical treatments.

Tips For Keeping A Pool Clean:

The easiest method of keeping your pool clean is by maintaining it well so that algae and debris do not overgrow. Here are a few simple tips that you can do every day to keep your pool clean:

  • Make sure that your pump and filter are clean and working properly. Algae and bacteria thrive in water instantly if your filter won’t work properly so make sure it is working properly and check them frequently.
  • Brush and vacuum the surface of the pool every week to keep away the dead algae from overgrowing.
  • Make sure that you maintain a healthy ph level of the pool. The recommended ph level for a pool is between 7.4 to 7.6. 
  • To keep out the external debris and bacteria from starving in your pool, use a pool cover.

So follow all these tips and steps diligently to keep your pool clean and away from algae and bacteria.

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