8 amusing ways to teach ABCD to your kids

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Both parents and teachers can use this course of action

After your kids reached 3 yrs parents could get many stressful aspects to join their kids in a good school. This is the main intention of all the parents. but you should train your kids before entering them into school life. Nowadays the internet, mobile phones, smart accessories, or tablets are the learning center for all the kids. But the parents should not permit your kids to handle mobile phones for a long time. You should think of some alternative methods to teach .here some of the ways to teach your kids to let us see

Design the dried beans or nuts 

Parents can teach kids using some incredible ideas .you can design your alphabets on dried beans or nuts. Take some dried beans, use the sketch or marker like black, red or brown or some dark colors.write the letters on the dried area, and give time to you can teach your kids.

Stick it on the wall 

Parents you can stick the 26 characters on your is one of the simple methods that your kids can easily grasp. Firstly you separate the uppercase letters, lower case letters, straight letters L, bend letters like S, consonants, and vowels. You can stick it on the wall .you should mount it in the most occupied area of your kids .then it is easy to learn.

Design your pipe letters 

You can design the alphabets using the pipe clean stick. Because it is a flexible addition you need the clue or thread to stick it all the correct position. Then you can arrange the letters from A to Z. Use thread and hang it on the wall or your kid’s room.

Colorful crayons make letters 

This is one of the most colorful methods for all parents. You can keep your kids engaged in learning while using this technique takes white crayons to write on the paper. And now tell your kids to shade the letters using crayons. It is the best way to make them write the alphabet easily.

Play music with 26 characters 

This is an incredible method and keeps your kids makes your kids feel like playing instead of learning. Draw the circle in any area of your home. Arrange the letters alternatively around the circle. Now you can play music or any rhymes. Ask your kids to run around the circle. Then you stop the music. Your kids were standing at a particular letter spot. Ask them which letter they took. use this trick and have fun with your kids 

Create a sponge letter 

Sponge letter is easy to design. You can buy multiple colors of sponge and write the letter on the sponge and cut it. Now our letters appear. arrange it randomly and tell your kids to arrange ti according to the order 


Puzzles are intelligent methods to teach alphabets to your kids. Write the letters in any color sheet. Cut it in various shapes. Ask your kids to join the alphabet’s appropriate orders. It is a good way that your kids never forgot the order of the letters.

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