Does Your Favorite Football Team Have a Matching Vehicle?

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You can find 32 cars that matched the NFL team names which are recently challenged by the All-Fit Automotive team, although they couldn’t match every team. But they found some rare and classic vehicles lining up accordingly.

AFC West:

The Ford Bronco immediately popped up, especially after Ford brought back the lovable car for the 2021 edition. Although they smashed at the hands of Joe Montana and the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV, John Elway and his force will appear for the championship. 

In the AFC West, Dodge Charger and Los Angeles Chargers share a history. The Dodge Charger debuted in Southern California. It debuted at the Rose Bowl in 1966.

AFC South:

You can remember Titan, but don’t forget the Oilers! Tennessee Titans, which share the same name as Nissan’s flagship truck. It remains the only Titans appearance in the Super Bowl. But it was the first championship for the Rams led by Kurt Warner. The Rams had the “greatest performance on the lawn” regarding their offense and Super Bowl XXXIV.

AFC South is also home to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who appeared in 1995 as one of two reinforcements that year. Jaguar’s owner Shahid Khan, who isn’t happy with Urban Meyer’s latest video, has long roots in the automotive business. Today, Khan owns the automotive company he works in college.

AFC East:

Holding onto AFC East is the Muntz Jet, a sleek and sporty proposition today. Hagerty details the story of IndyCar creator Frank Kurtis, who later sold his car company to Earl William “Madman” Muntz. The pitcher’s vision for this car was very different from his vision. This includes crocodiles, emus, leopards, snake skins, and even a cocktail bar.

AFC North:

Sunbeam Tiger is similar to the Cincinnati Bengals for the Cleveland Browns? There isn’t a single manufacturer that has released a concept car called “The Brown.”

NFC West:

Ram Trucks and the Los Angeles Rams were an easy pairing in the NFC West, which played a significant role in the movement and thriller. In 1936, the NFL team started as the Cleveland Rams, then moved to Los Angeles in 1946; St. Louis in 1995, then returned to LA in 2016.

NFC North:

Since 1978, the Vikings fans have endured six NFC Championship Game losses, the most painful during Brett Favre’s 2009 season. Favre broke records left and right as the Vikings entered the game. NFC Championship With a 12-4 record, despite a fierce performance from Vikes, the New Orleans Saints defeated the Purple People Eaters in overtime.

NFC South & East:

Between the 1960s and 1970, the Ford Falcon enjoyed solid production and the configurations were endless. They were provided as a two-door or four-door sedan. The Ranchero pickup option is available for a two-door or four-door station wagon and hardtop or convertible. 

The NFC South Atlanta Falcons have the nickname “Grits Blitz” that describes their late ’70s defensive line and cuter “Dirty Birds”.

The AMC Eagle pairs nicely with the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC South. But there is not a rugged truck named after the American team, the Dallas Cowboys.

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