Jung foods and their effects

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Many research studies show that junk foods can cause severe problems for the body. Especially it can affect the children’s health because they sensitive to poisoning foods. But peoples can get addicted to buying this food addition to they buy health issues. Here some of the foods that cause damage to our health.


It was started to manufactured 10000 years ago. When heating the corn kernel it starts expanding slowly and finally, it becomes bulge. High pressure from the steam can expand the corn kernel about 20 to 50 than its actual size and then it’s cool. It is one of the best movie theater eatables. But it has caused severe damage to health and many other illnesses.

In these foods, sodium or salt can be added by manufacturers to give additional taste so it causes blood pressure level higher and also chances of cancer. It is very tedious to digest especially for kids. and so it annoying to the whole digestive tract.

Beef jerky

Beef jerky foods are one of the highest amounts of cholesterol-containing foods.

Things should notice while purchasing the beef jerky foods 

  • Firstly you should notice the sodium level of foods because of food preservation. The sodium level in beef jerky should be fewer than or equal to 450mg. 
  • Sugar can be added to many food items to give taste and flavor. But In jerky foods, the sugar amount should be 5 gram or less.
  • Sources of beef should be herbivores, natural, and free from hormones.

If you avoid noticing  

Controversy by adding the high sm9unt of sodium can increase the high blood pressure level, heart diseases, kidney diseases, and stroke.

It is one of the fastest calories foods that can raise 116 calories each time it leads to high cholesterol level cause hazards to our body. 

Dark chocolate

Chocolate lovers do not remember the love they would rather fall in chocolate dark chocolate consists amount of nutrients which were come from cocoa trees. The ingredients they added in dark chocolate is a cocoa bean and sugar. if the less quality chocolate has included milk products and palm kernel oil.

But some of the impacts can cause by dark chocolates 

It can cause nervousness, sleeplessness, headaches, and increase urination. Due to the caffeine, it can offer skin reactions and lower the heartbeat rate.  

French fries 

French fries are the recent trendy snacks that can give great influence all over the world. The potatoes were deeply fried and in addition, tomato snacks can give great pleasure to our taste buds and it was the most fascinating foods to kids. But many impacts are inbuilt in th9is recipes.

  • It can cause digestive issues. Because of the high amount of oil can stay in the digestive wall of the stomach lining and increase acid production create an imbalance.
  • It leads to depression. Usually, highly saturated foods can give mental imbalance and leads to stress, anxiety, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Blood sugar level oscillation can cause due to swallowing French fries. Carbohydrates can be pressed up the insulin level in our body and the stress of metabolism.
  • This food can offer the mechanism of illness to the human body and premature death 

Jung food can give comfort, taste, and favors to our taste bud. But the actual cost of Jung foods can never show on the menu card.

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